“I didn’t know this place existed until I drove past it twice. I decided to give it a shot and see what kind of stuff they had. The two guys were really nice and let me bring my dogs in with me. But beyond that, THEY HAD CLEMENTINE. That is my favorite. I have been going to Brookings to get decent stuff and Eco Cann when I have to in between. This is definitely a front runner for me now and I will hit it up first. I wish it were on WEEDMAPS so I could see the hours and the menu…..But I guess WEEDMAPS charges alot for that. Boo! Lame. This is all good basic information that should be available for everyone. Like a phonebook but better. I hope they link up with Leafly or someone so I can see the menu before I make the drive.
Most importantly, I got good weed. Smelly dank buds with strong unique characteristics. I used to grow and consider myself a connoisseur. I am very happy with my purchases and I only got to really see part of what they had. I will definitely be going back to them. They were very considerate and accommodating and had very dank bud. WINNER!!!” – Me

“Big selection very nice people staffing the place” – Rick Perrigo

“Friendly staff and a warm, open, bright floor plan.” – Steven Luu

“Awesome dudes.” – Eric Darragh

“Vape magic” – David L